Project untitled is based around women and their sense of belonging in society, both today and throughout time. Here I created a series of images which best represented women being able to feel comfortable with whatever they wear, rejecting society's stereotypes on women who wear more or less clothing. I look at how this is something linear over time which seems to go back and forth, that women are never seen for who they are and just what they wear and how they appear.

Summer's gone

Summer's gone is a series of images shot throughout lockdown in my hometown, exploring isolation and loneness through layering in an open space. Here with these images I emphasise on loneness, but the freedom this also provides.


Daffies, an on-going personal project which explores the beauty and love within the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. This project begun in March 2020 to capture the beauty that is my grandmother. The word 'Daffies' is what she {my grandmother} calls Daffodils, a flower she loves and waits for every springtime and therefore whenever she wears yellow I describe her to look like a Daffodil, something which makes her smile.