Summers gone

An on going personal project based upon a wasted summer, here I am exploring the beauty of the transition from summer here in the UK, to autumn through location, garments and femininity.

In the making of making do

Whilst in lockdown, or local lockdown, I decided to start creating work based on things local to me, I used items of sentiment to myself and my family along with found plants within the local areas where I would often walk, bringing all elements of lockdown into my work but also making do with what I have / had found.


For my last university project, I am interested in using fashion to create imagery that explores issues surrounding women and the revealing of skin in today’s society. I look at what is the social norm and uses the common perception of how women should ‘cover up’ or ‘put more clothes on’. Through this, I intend to empower, inspire and motivate women to be comfortable however they choose to appear. 


Daffies, an on-going personal project which explores the beauty and love within the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. This project begun in March 2020 to capture the beauty that is my grandmother. The word 'Daffies' is what she {my grandmother} calls Daffodils, a flower she loves and waits for every springtime and therefore whenever she wears yellow I describe her to look like a Daffodil, something which makes her smile.