I am Toni Joanne, a freelance fashion photographer based in West Yorkshire, UK. Last year I graduated from Fashion Photography at Leeds Arts University. Though I specialise in Fashion Photography, I also shoot portraiture, product and wedding photography. 



My personal work explores subjects that I am passionate about which allows me to have a voice on the matter. One subject has remained consistent throughout my personal work, which is the stigma that surrounds women and fashion in everyday life. Within this, I look at how women are constantly being judged for wearing too little or wearing too much, for existing in the very bodies that we are given. I choose to explore this stigma through selective styling, colour palette, minimalism, location and lighting. This conversation is important to me as there isn’t a woman that I know which hasn’t experienced this and felt uncomfortable or insecure as a result. From this I hope to be able to relate to others and them to me, and to provide comfort in the knowing that this isn’t about us but, it is about the world that surrounds us. In time, we can make that change.