Cotton Candy Eye Makeup | Tutorial

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Something I love to do in my spare time is play with makeup. I really enjoy creating looks, especially using colours that will make me feel out of my comfort zone. I recently went on a night out with some friends and created a cotton candy inspired look which I shared on my Instagram stories, and was asked to create a tutorial, so let's get started!

The only palette I used for this look is the Jawbreaker palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This is my second palette of Jeffree's and his eyeshadows have the absolute best quality in my opinion. All of his products are vegan and cruelty free, so it's a no brainer why I keep going back to his high quality brand. The Jawbreaker palette is probably my favourite palette he has released so far, it is full of bright colours and I especially love the second row which is filled with bright pastels. This palette has 24 large panned shadows mixing from mattes, shimmers and metallics. The price point is on the higher end, at £54 but I wouldn't have spent that money if I didn't already trust and adore his products. I truly believe you're paying for the best eyeshadows out there, they blend like a dream and this palette in particular has so much to offer.

Now, moving onto the actual look itself. I started off as always by doing my eyebrows (if you'd like a full-face makeup tutorial, let me know in the comments!) and then I used the Revolution Fast Base Foundation stick in shade F1 to carve my eyebrows and also to create a base all over my lid for the eyeshadow.
I started off applying the shade Gum Drop with a large tapered blending brush (I used Spectrum's) and buffed this into the outer crease, taking my time and carefully dragging it out towards my eyebrow. I then took the Spectrum B04 brush and applied the shade Bubble Gum to the inner part of my crease, blending that in with the lavender shade.

Next I took a round edge flat packer brush to cut my crease, I always use the Revolution foundation stick I mentioned above to do this. Taking this same brush I pack on the Good Morning shade to set the cream base, and then applied the shimmery pink shade Snack all over the lid.
I then used the Spectrum A07 brush to blend both Bubble Gum and Gum Drop on the outer corner, to blend in the cut crease with the original colours so it looks seamless. Before I applied my mascara I then took a smaller fluffy brush to apply the colour Brain Freeze under my lash line, making sure to blend it out so it doesn't look too harsh.

Finally, for the liner I actually used one of Jeffree's Velour Liquid Lipsticks (which is completely eye-safe!) from the Alien collection in the shade Clout, which is metallic lavender. I used the Spectrum A09 brush to achieve the perfect wing as with the brush being so small, it allows for very fine details.

That's how I created this look! It's a lot more simple than it probably seemed, and I really fell in love with this one. If you'd like to see more makeup tutorials from me, please let me know! Comment what you thought about this sugary sweet look!

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Spring Date Night!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Northwich, UK
I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, so when my boyfriend told me the other day he had a date planned for us, you bet I was swooning. It can be difficult to be spontaneous due to our shift patterns, and because of this our dates are usually planned, and whatever payments are made are split halfway.

However, this was a surprise he had put a lot of thought into, and he wouldn't let me pay a penny (how lucky am I?). In fact he kept the secrecy up until I recognised where we were heading whilst  driving through the countryside, after I had stopped pointing out all of the cows and horses (y'know, just in case he missed them), of course.

We headed to The Riverside Inn, Northwich, we arrived about 40 minutes before our planned table booking, so he bought us some drinks and we went and sat by the canal.

The view we had was like no other, the sun hit the water just right, and we really just spent time "in the moment" appreciating everything there and then, letting mundane day-to-day worries drift off into the breeze.

After spending some time connecting with nature and each other, we went inside to have our meal. Being vegan, it can be hard sometimes eating out and some places don't have a lot of options to choose from. The Riverside Inn has their own vegan menu, which was a nice surprise.
I chose the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings for my starter, I tried the sauce but it was far too spicy for me, they were delicious nonetheless. Then for my main I had the Button Mushroom Bourguignon Pie. This tasted amazing also, and almost filled me completely, but I couldn't not try a dessert! The Rhubarb and Ginger Pudding went down a treat with some dairy free vanilla ice-cream. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend this place to eat, they have a large variety of foods to choose from, the staff are incredibly friendly and it is complete with dreamy views, what more could you want?

After our meal we took our drinks outside again and let our dinner go down whilst people-watching and scenery-gazing. Afterwards, we headed to a local arcade and played a couple of games of snooker and bowling. Rhys won by a long shot at snooker, but it came very close during bowling, I however, was a very content loser thanks to how amazing our date went.

The date reminded me of how important it is to make memories with our loved ones, especially as the weather is brightening up. During the winter months I go into a cocoon of isolation, which is comfortable, but feeds my depression greatly, and can be very hard to get out of the self-neglecting habits. I'm working on it, and here's your reminder if you need it to try and get out of that rut too.

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